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UIT Central Library Portal

UIT Central Library Portal is provide links to the open course materials and courseware related to the field of Engineering and Technology

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BDU Economics Gateway

BDU Economics Gateway is free online services that helps to you find best web resources in field of Economic research.

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Free E-Theses & Dissertations

AIT Library: Free E-Theses & Dissertations http://www.clair. /FreeTheses. htm

Australian Digital Theses Program
http://www.lib. /finding/collection s/digital _theses

Caltech Electronic Theses and Dissertations
Searchable and browsable repository of theses and dissertations from Caltech. http://etd.caltech. edu/ETD-db /ETD-browse/ browse?first _letter=all

A developing free scientific literature digital library which includes citations and articles on scientific topics (the main focus at present is computing).


Document and Publication Server of the Humboldt University of Berlin. Provides free access to publications, theses and dissertations, electronic e-print journals [site in english/german] . http://edoc. hu-berlin. de/index _en.php

Elektronische Bibliothek der Staats- und Universit├Ątsbiblioth ek Bremen
Digital archive providing full-text access to papers, theses and dissertations in PDF format [site in german]. http://elib. suub.uni-

Computer Science: Graduate Student Projects
http://www.library. /instruction/ courses/cs/ csgrad .html

ETD Digital Library - Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations http://www.ndltd. org/

Proquest Digital Dissertations Thesis Canada
Searchable database with records of all Canadian theses since 1965, and some online theses from 1998. http://wwwlib. t ions/

Virginia Tech - Electronic Theses
Searchable and browsable digital archive of theses and dissertations from Viaginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. http://www.collecti onscanada .ca/thesescanada/ index-e.html

The Harvard College Thesis Repository http://www.hcs. /thesis/repo/

Free Dissertations/ Theses
http://www.loc. gov/rr/main /alcove9/education/ theses.html
http://www.nt. at /research/rapid/ thesis/free -theses/
http://www.toptermp apersites .net/
http://www.thesis. patent thesis/
http://www.angeneti k.fu-berlin .de/diplomarbeiten_ eng.html
http://lib.indstate .edu/about /units/reference/ dissertations .html /theses-online- free-philosophy .htm
http://www.library. /training/thesis_ finding.html

Free Databases by title
http://nouruzi. googlepages. com /Databases.html


1 General Electronic Publishing
http://info. sepb /rgen.htm
2 Online Full Text Journals -List
http://www.isibang. /library/FreeLib. htm
3 Information Resources
http://web.syr. edu/~jryan /infopro/special. html
4 Council on Library and Information Resources
5 Association of Research Libraries
http://www.arl. org
Emerald http://emeraldinsig
7 Infolibrarian - the LIS Information website
8 Eugene Garfield (Information Scientist) Publications
http://www.garfield .library html
9 Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography/
compiled by Charles W. Bailey, Jr
http://info. sepb /sepb.pdf
Houston:University of Houston Library, 2005

http://info. sepb /sepb.html


1 Digital Libraries. by William Y. Arms
http://www.cs. wya /DigLib/index. html

http://www.dcs. Keith /Preface.html

3 Strategic Issues in Training and Development in the
IT Service Industry
at Kolkata Region: A Study. by
Anup Kumar Das.
http://etdindividua ls.dlib.vt .edu:9090/archive/ 00000183/

4 The digital library tool kit. 3rd edition. by Sun
http://www.sun. com/products- n -solutions/edu/ whitepapers /digitaltoolkit. html

5 The Digital library technology trends by Sun

http://www.sun. com/products- n -solutions/edu/ whitepapers/ pdf /digital_library_ trends.pdf

6 Understanding metadata by NISO.
http://www.niso. org/standards /resources/Understa ndingMetadat a.pdf

7 Creating an institutional repository: LEADIRS
workbook by Mary R. Barton and Margaret M.Waters . MIT
Press, 2004.

http://dspace. org/implement /leadirs.pdf

8 IFLA List Servers
http://infoserv. /wwsympa.fcgi/ lists

OpenDOAR now includes 1000 repositories

SHERPA has announced that its OpenDOAR directory,which contains an authoritative list of institutional and subject-based repositories, now boasts 1000 repository entries from across the globe.

http://www.jisc. /stories/2007/ 11/sherpa. aspx

The SPARC Discovery Awards challenges

you to illustrate in a short video presentation whatyou see as the value of sharing information.

Use your imagination to suggest what good comes from bringing down barriers to the free exchange of information.
submitted by December 2, 2007.
http://www.sparkyaw /details.php


The FREE books and study aids from Freeload Press and our publishing partners. http://www.freeloadpress. com/booklist. aspx
Introduction to Programming Using Java, Fifth Edition,Version 5.0, December 2006 javanotes/
Introduction to Programming Using Java,Version 3.1, February 2001 eck/cs124/ javanotes3/
The Open-Access Text Archive http://www.archive. org/details/ texts
Calculus-Based Physics, A Free Physics Textbook internet/ physics/cbphysic s/index.html
Free books on Perl and Python http://www.techbooksforfre .shtml
textbooksfree. org http://www.textbooksfree. org/
the public's library and digital archive http://www.ibiblio. org/collection/ collection. php?second= e
Computer Science
Electronic Books/Texts Fiction/Literature/ Documents Mathematics Medieval Studies/Classical Studies/Early Christian Culture Science Fiction/Fantasy Speeches http://www.landmark. edu/Library/ digital_text/ Electronic_ books_texts. cfm
Topic Site: http://www.topicsites. com/
Chemistry library useful Links http://www.libraries. php?pageId= 1072
Free Biology Books http://freebiologybooks. blogspot. com/
Chemistry and related Information on the Internet http://www.chem.ox. internet. html
Chemistry Teaching Resources
Library and Learning Centre E-books
Engineering Books: http://www.freetechbooks. com/
Free Science, Engineering and Medical Books Online http://www.kuro5hin. org/story/ 2003/5/4/ 13941/21673

Information & Library Studies Resources on the Web:This site links to many useful LIS resources.

http://www.ucd. ie/library/ electronic_ resources/ guides_to_ web_resources/ libstudies. html

Library Related Conferences

http://homepage. ~mad204/CONF. HTM
http://www.fiu. edu/~hastyd/ lcp.html
http://www.ala. org/ala/ourassoc iation/chapters/ planningcalendar /planningcalenda r.cfm
http://www.geocitie pages/asiaconf/ APConf2004. html


http://www.manage. libraries. htm

Doctoral Dissertations in Library and Information Science

http://www.tulips. jp/pub/tojo/ archive/Jpnpg/ siryo-ogata- 95_n-s.html

Librarians date book

http://www.hsl. htm


http://library. links.html

http://www.nelinet. net/digital/ resources/ index.htm

A list of scholastic journals and electronic resources

a list of scholastic journals and electronic resources that are available online via the worldwide web.

http://www.widernet .org/digitalLibr ary/DigitalLibra ries.htm

Resources for Locating and Writing Theses and Dissertations

http://www.cityu. instruct/ guides/libguide/ theses.htm

Quick Search

Use the link to search for documents in this
web containing specific words or combination' s of words. The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching documents, with better matches shown first. Each list item is a link to a matching document; if the document has a title it will be shown, otherwise only the document's file name is displayed. A brief explanation of the query language is available,
along with examples.

To know more : l/quick_search. htm#querylang

Google’s directory of libraries, could be useful for reference info on libraries worldwide.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Library and Information Science Resources Links (LISRL)

Topics in library and information science

Structure Storage/ retrieval Society

Scientometrics Informatics Preservation